Family Health & Support Network, Inc. (FHSN), a private non-profit 501 C (3) corporation compassionately provides the Building Resilience in African American Families (BRAAF) Program to the underserved African American population of the Desert Region.  BRAAF is funded by the Riverside University Health Systems – Behavioral Health.


In 2011 FHSN responded to the need of underserved African American male youth (age 11-13) and their families who live in Desert Region communities with high rates of violence and crime, and who experience unequable educational opportunities by providing a unique set of culture specific, evidence-informed prevention & early intervention (PEI) programs.  In 2018 FHSN was granted the opportunity to provide a similar set of PEI programs to the African American female youth population and their families.


The trauma experienced (even for just one day) by the vulnerable young lives of youth and their families can be overwhelming.  Yet, through the provision of programs that help build resilience in our youth and families, our children and our families gain a greater opportunity for success. "It's My Life!" is an articulation that points us to the reality, that it is the lives of young vulnerable children and their families where we should be making our greatest investments.

"Juneteenth" the Celebration of African American Freedom Day, serves as an excellent occasion to celebrate, honor and encourage our African American youth and their families.  This year's theme "Standing on the Shoulders of our Ancestors" will inspire our attendees and honorees to forge ahead with the confidence and understanding that they stand on the shoulders of thousands if not millions who have sacrificed for the opportunities they enjoy today. 


The It’s My Life awards ceremony will spotlight and encourage youth and parents who despite overwhelming life circumstances, have wholeheartedly given their all to remain committed to the nine-month prevention program and represent one or more characteristics of the Nquzo Saba Principles.  


This event offers a unique opportunity to not only support the Building Resilience in African American Families programs, but to also send a clear message to our youth and families that they are important, valuable and worthy of our investment.  You don’t want to miss this extraordinary celebration of resilience!